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As a member of the Corona del Sol Men’s Soccer program, comes great responsibility, respect and discipline. Being a member of this program is not a right, but a privilege.  I do not foresee any problems, however if an issue does arise, all student athletes will be treated with consistency and fairness regarding situations that are detrimental to the success of the program.  All student athletes are expected to act with class and respect.  The following rules will be followed:


  • Dress appropriately at practices (CDS soccer practice shirt and equipment) and on game days.

  • Proper equipment including shin guards, must be worn at all official soccer events.

  • Undergarments must match the uniform colors and or be the same color and match other teammates.


  • You are expected to be at scheduled practices and games.

  • Varsity has a preseason tournament from November 27th through December 1st and a winter break tournament December 26th through 29th that varsity players are expected to attend.

  • If you miss practice without prior notice or a valid excuse, you will miss playing time and complete extra fitness activities. If multiple days in a row are missed without warning, you may be suspended or excused from the program.

  • Tardiness-will not be tolerated. On time is considered 10 minutes before the scheduled time, ready to play.

  • If you are late to an away scheduled event, you will be left at the school and will not be allowed to play.

  • Varsity and JV will always travel together to and from all away games on the same bus unless for an emergency or schedule conflict.

  • Varsity, JV and FR/SO are encouraged to support each other’s scheduled events.



  • If at any time there is an incident that occurs where you are found using any substance, you will be suspended immediately and possibly dismissed from the program.

  • You are cautioned to maintain the highest standards, and avoid foul or abusive content (including music), and lewd images when using social networking sites.


Please read and submit the student athlete contract

  • You must pass all classes (minimum of 5) at the end of each grading period and not carry any "Unsatisfactory", "Incomplete" and have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. You must be enrolled in 5 classes.

  • Exceptions are available for a senior online to graduate. Seniors must be enrolled in a minimum of 4 classes. Contact the school's athletic office for clarification. If you are not eligible, you will not be allowed to participate in games and are required to attend study hall after school until your grades improve.

  • You are required to turn in a copy of your grades to your head coach when asked.

  • You should come every day, ready to compete, learn the game, and work hard. Noncompliance will result in you being asked to go home for the remainder of the day and could lead to extra fitness activities and or disciplinary action.

  • You are expected to respect your coaches, teammates, referees, and opposing players. If there is an issue or conflict with any individual listed above, matters will be handled after practice or during the match in a respectful manner.

  • You are expected to be role models at Corona del Sol High School and surrounding community.

Suspension and or dismissal from the program can occur if any of the above actions become a detriment to the program’s goals, chemistry, and or philosophy.  Remember, it is a privilege to be a part of the Corona del Sol Men’s Soccer Program.

-Coach Diamanti​

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